by Kid Xanthrax & Baris Cavusoglu @ BSMNT Leipzig, Germany, 2021

As above so below spambots shave off the incess laborwrist in a screwdrift breeze kinda way_ sad as hell I woke up from a heatdeath speedcore ravedream shaving a transhumanists tadprick in a pond of liquified ketamine _ fuck scratch that: I woke up from a redshift psychotrance spit orgy with chodesick chickyslick tadpoling my ass sundried unshapely ho flogging my mouth clockwise with octocock dildo riddled by buttercysts on breast implants which migrating the form like doggy syphon on the intestinal nose got so flustered I nearly killed the SECURITARIAN_ I woke up at a work function some holiday biz death struck to the sterile smell of yellowing waspjam mountains protruding human-shaped snowmen of clerical stature fistbumping to edm hellscape headbanging the office_ sluggwhored out to the gluey life sized sperm pool frozen whirlpool in toilet would much rather not let it get to girlpool since we know how barbequed pores bubble when buttocks is severed 50/50 to muscular dystro and fickle the truckdriven madness of jerk pissing in the filing cabinet_ stalking the shelves and bodies of celestial mythmatter in sidewinding slim figure influxes of corrugation on the outfested mall cops stoners offsite in hallways of foriegn e-stores or e-commerce or whatever the flying fucksore you wanna bandaid under glorified angelic symptom_ so this fucking lawyer (also captured by drool cam) he’s dickdeep into his seventeenth datefuck project groaning the pyarmind exwife scheme rotting mascot conundrum distant from any civil site the pig tugboat poot poot dramatizing the endtime drivethru ritualized piss on your loved ones glug glug get it while it’s not on the tug tug or just fucking buy it oneline the electronic octocock tuning the orifical instrument he hasn’t even punished his asshole yet so dark and so massive at 5 oclock the weedman is scheduled to sit with you and watch television for exactly thirty minutes but little do you know they are hiring a yuck yuck candidate to disassemble cigaretteportal to turn on you

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