Never Forget: Life is Worth Living

Video and installation part of a group residency & exhibition, LAST MINUTES, Heybeliada / Istanbul 8.2021

Music, Sound Design & Mixing:
Deniz Erdem


A highly protected ideological tub of sterility
In an unpredictable corner of this ideal world
Free from ancient infections
An incomprehensible evolution is born
All mysterious mutations originate here
They multiply rapidly as they find a gap in the space


LAST Minutes reminds us of the last chance to get out. When everything is booked up, there are only small sparks of hope. Stranded suitcases tell us stories about a time gone by. This is the dawn of a new time. The future lies ahead of us. LAST Minutes is the result of a week-long residency of 11 Turkish and international artists on the grounds of THE POOL on Heybeliada Island near Istanbul. Artists Pınar Marul, Cem Örgen, Kerim Zapsu, Ece Cangüden, Barış Çavuşoğlu, Kotz, Berkin Gülten, Süper Normal, Gökçe Hiçyılmaz, Florian Nero Birk, and Rusty Kjarvik were invited to develop each a luggage based art work on site and complete them in community with the team.

THE POOL is an artist run initiative and it’s aim is to speculate, develop and display new dynamic, collaborative and interdisciplinary attitudes in art. It is meant to function as an independent platform for exhibitions, research and residency. It is organized by Ece Cangüden and Marian Luft.

The exhibition space is an old swimming pool that encloses the artistic works like a white cube, separating them from the outside world. At the same time, they are placed in an immediately real context.

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