Hit Me Baby One More Time

Viable presents Barış Çavuşoğlu’s installation ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ hosted by Barın Han. Istanbul, TR. 

16.06 –04.07.2022

Music & Sound Design:

Photography: Kerim Zapsu

Exhibition Text by Eline Tsvetkova



Hit me baby one more time


Domi Matrix

show me how you want it to be

A click here and an Enter there

I’ll twist the algorithm in you

into the formula in me.

Tell me, baby, cause I need to know now

where our beaches will strand.


Another night

another flight meandered and

brought the forgotten image nearer.

Closer, closer comes hand to face

further, further feels obstacle from place


Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know?

About crying lobsters and wild Bugatti’s

Goldberg variations played by Joe Rogan

gothic ornaments in an IKEA manual


and wanderlusts challenged with tweezers.

How was I supposed to know that we

the era of juxtaposition

was thus as concrete as ever?


Something wasn’t right, yeah.


Lemme tell you bout that light

that night I touched the database

and gave it the juice and

all that came out was wonders and doubts.

Words blurted out onto the screen of reason

spoken in a Victorian tone.

Medusa’s hair fell out and I

ain’t got the comb to straighten the knots.


Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know

that meaning is generated


in a reoccurring trend.


And yet


give me a sign?


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